Frustrated with your web hosting provider?

Deciding which web hosting provider is most suitable for your web project is never easy. Sometimes knowing well your needs and having idea about typical problems with web hosting companies may help you to avoid those problems before they occur.

Know your needs

Not knowing your web project actual needs makes it really hard to choose the right web hosting company. There are different hosts, which may be good for a particular purpose, but not knowing what to look, may lead to overlooking important features. Before even starting to look for hosting companies, make clear your particular needs for software, hardware, disk space, bandwidth, technical support, uptime, support channels, guarantees and what else is included to the hosting package, for example free domain.

Don’t just listen to anyone

Listening to the advice of wrong people, may easily lead to wrong decisions. Other people may perceive quality in very different ways, they may have different perceptions because of contrasting needs. For example, non technical people may be very happy with some dirt cheap hosting companies for their website, which has 200 visitors each week. Is this suggestion valuable for heavily visited forum site, which has hundreds of thousands of active readers each day? Not necessarily, because it really doesn’t show anything. When looking for a web hosting company for a particular purpose, ask advice from people who have similar needs matching to your web project.

Shiny advertising

Believing advertising talk without understanding what is behind the shiny adjectives. “Unlimited”, “Easy”, “Reliable” and “Trustworthy” are so overused, that you should dig a little bit deeper to understand what kind of technical platforms, hardware, broadband and server control consoles, the company uses.  Advertising is what it is, just a sales tool. You should not let yourself be fooled for paying for services you don’t fully understand.

Hidden spots

Part of technical specifications are not disclosed. In most cases, web hosting providers are not very happy to publish their weak sides. It may be old servers hardware, outdated software, too narrow broadband connection or outsourcing support staff from third world countries, whatever the disadvantages.

Security of web servers

Insufficent security of web servers. This issue becomes extremely important, when your website uses some form of customer management, e-commerce  or business data handling or otherwise important content, which should not be open for people outside your company. Building up secure network systems takes time, efforts and capable staff, not every web hosting company has. Shared web hosting means you share the web server with many other customers, who rent it for their needs. There are various practices to firewall different websites from each other, but sometimes hackers may be one step ahead of the web hosting company. Be aware of how difficult is the registration and opening of a new hosting account, are there any free accounts in the same network and what kind of software is used in server. 

Decent web hosting providers offer secure ftp connections, regular backups (both content of uploaded through ftp and database) and virus scanning of all files stored to webserver as part of the regular hosting packages.


These are few important issues related to web hosting services. We have been serving our customers with reliable websites for more than two decades, so in our experience good web hosting providers are hard to find. We provide personalised service, no client is too small for us.

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